Our Programs


About Al Massira: Al Massira is a video curriculum-based discipleship material that helps new believers from Majority background, strengthen their faith in Jesus Christ. There are 12 videos together with small group discussions in the training. By the Grace of God, we are able to dub all the videos into Bangla now. A team of trainers form Al Massira are going to train us. Please log on to www.almassira.org  for more info about Al Massira. Please this is not evangelistic materials but discipleship materials for new believers.

We provided each org/churches with videos resources and written document all in (M version Bangla). After watching, all videos they have to learn how to use those videos for others and they drink a lot and go deeper and now they became Jatra mentor to others. This whole Jatra videos help them to understand very clear about Isa, trinity, Sacrifice, Sin, Salvation etc. They learn how to contextualize with their heart language to reach out to our beloved cousin. It also helps them how to lead the group of MBB believers to come one step close to Isa. Now by this Jatra videos & through then, so many M peoples are coming to Isa.

Therefore, we are inviting your Church /Ministry /Org for this mentoring meeting to learn how to mentor our beloved cosine to explore Gods kingdom.

Transforming Leaders

TL is providing training where the participates learn how to be a servant leader and do practice in their life; to be a good disciple of Jesus. We teach to increase their skill such as English, Computer, Finance, Management and Guitar. We help them to be transforming leader and to serve the community.

Now many of them who already done that training are also serving the society and leading the peoples and project in their own community as a result.



To create a world where all young adults, regardless of their circumstances, are shown the love of Jesus Christ and are given the tools to realize their God-given potential.

Our Values:-


With the Living God Manifested as the friend Nettie Father Son and Holy Spirit we seek to follow the Lord in our everyday Journey personally and collectively we organize the call toward his feet people and to hold Jesus life as an example of servanthood.


We believe in the power of healthy relationships and unified communities. We Define we identify with the Jesus example to live in community with one another we are called to respect one another in personal and working relationships regardless of the difference between us.


We believe in the potential for people to succeed shoot first super surpass the state of their volunteer ability and should therefore be challenged to promote growth. We define success as leaving life's offered dignity honesty and joy.


We believe that God has created each human life and loves if each of his children equally and unconditionally as such we keep Rarity to people before all Earthly things including money structures and systems.

Scripture Engagement

We want to reach every single language in Bangladesh. As every tongue can praise the Lord and understand Him as like them. They will understand that God's Loving them all the time and He wants to live with them in everyday life.

For that reason, we're Bible translating their won language and making short kids video story and bible storybooks.